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My musical journey started from the moment my fingers first graced the trumpet, my life took a melodious turn. As a youngster, I swiftly became a staple in our school orchestra and the pulse of the Harrow Youth Concert and Marching Band. Under the baton of the renowned trombonist Maisie Ringham, our performances sparkled, most notably in the hallowed halls of the Royal Albert Hall.


The journey then strummed a new chord when I embraced the guitar, igniting friendships and bands during my school days. By 20, the spotlight found me as I rocked the stage with Stone Bird, signed by A&M Records and Rondor Publishing. Touring across the UK and Europe, we shared stages with icons like Motorhead, UFO, and Saxon – an electrifying era in my life!


My career then took a versatile turn. I began weaving my way as a session musician, collaborating with stars such as Gabrielle, Nelly Furtado, Stacie Orrico, Jack McManus, Kym Marsh, and Laura Michelle Kelly. Working with powerhouse labels like Universal, Virgin/EMI, and even Simon Cowell's teams, my repertoire expanded and thrived. Unforgettable moments included reverberating through the Royal Albert Hall alongside Gabrielle, opening for Al Green, and captivating 50,000 hearts at Hyde Park with Nelly Furtado.


Crafting tunes for library companies became another melody in my career symphony. My compositions resonated across channels like the BBC, Channel 4, Dave, Netflix, and The Discovery Channel, echoing around the globe.


But there's more to my story. I ventured into the vibrant world of function bands and an entertainment agency, delivering unforgettable performances at global events for high-profile clients such as British Airways, F1, Tesco, and Sony – each venue a story, each event a memory.


In 2009, my path led me to Morpeth School, where I began shaping young minds as a freelance music teacher. Eventually, I took the helm as Managing Director of Music. Certified as an Apple Pro in Logic Pro Music Software, armed with a first-class honours degree in Music and Sound, and a proud member of the Musicians Union and Incorporated Society of Musicians, my journey continues – a testament to a life dedicated to the art and heart of music.

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