Morpeth School Music Department, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, London, UK. |


As a musician I think k it is extremely important that Music Education is equally available to all children no matter or social standing or status and that every child should be given the same opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Since 2010 I have been fortunate to work with the Award Winning Music Department in Bethnal Green, East London. The Morpeth Music Department has a long-standing, distinguished reputation and is one of the leading departments in contemporary teaching and learning. As a training school for the National initiative, Musical Futures, it is a flagship music department, Nationally recognised. There is a diverse and lively culture of music-making and performance, featuring both professional and student players, both staff and student-led, which encompasses all styles of music. In order for the staff and students to have a positive experience in such a large and vibrant department the day to day management of all the instrumental lessons, concerts, extra curricular and work with professional partners is the responsibility of the Music Department Technical, Teaching and Administration support. This role answers directly to the Head of Department and the Head Teacher, as it is a very visible role in the wider school community, providing high quality performances at public events. 


Morpeth Music Department benefits from a state of the art new ‘BSF’ building (Building Schools For The Future) and reputation for the ‘added value’ that improves a school life, achievement and overall student attitude to school. My role is to offer everything from teaching guitar to web design and musically inspire and engage young people, be in house studio engineer, administration support and events manager. This diverse role brings an enormous amount of cohesion to the music department for both students and staff. Also raising achievement through regular performance opportunities and professional mentoring and links.

My role at Morpeth can be categorised into the following


Planning, Organisation and Project Managing: 

• NYJO: Supporting NYJO Academy Based at Morpeth from January 2018 

• SERIOUS: BT River of Music Olympics 2012 collaborating with Arun Ghosh

• SERIOUS: London Jazz Festival and the Vortex

• Premises Studio, Vocal Workshops Hackney

• Guildhall School of Music Annual Dialogue Project at the Barbican

• In school work shops with visits from The Soul Rebels Brass band Christian Scott with Jazz at the Lincoln Center.

• HAY Festival, Madrid

• Sparrow School, South Africa


Managing information and administration support:

Managing over 18 Peripatetic Music Teachers with over 400 pupils per week participating in individual lessons. Designing and implementing a timetabling system that is sustainable and effective, while easy to use for students. Facilitation of staff and student needs when timetabling and managing changes.


Teaching and learning:

Teaching Rock band and Rock Factory. 

Work alongside classroom teachers on class and project work. Leading groups of students through their learning in rock bands. Supporting both the schools’ ethos in teaching and learning and National Initiatives to enhance staff and student experience and raise achievement. Creating a ‘route to rock’ that starts in the classroom, extends to extra curricular bands and instrumental lessons and leads to public performances.


Supporting classroom teachers:

• Studio recording – GCSE, A level and BTEC coursework. Other student achievements.

• Maintaining and managing amps, drum kits, guitars and all mic’s and leads. Repair and facilitate repairs when necessary. 

• Professional demonstrations of musicianship, business and events management, Guest speaking about the music industry.


Monitoring and reporting:

Managing and Designing Department website / social networking for years 7 to 11 and 6th Form . Maintaining an online presence that the staff and pupils access regularly and are kept up to date with all the concerts and events, celebrating achievements. Monitor current systems and refine them regularly where appropriate. Creating and developing new initiative to enhance the department, support Head of Department with formulation of direction and strategy. Design posters and edit films shown in the foyer celebrating successes.


Professional sponsorships:

Using professional contacts to secure equipment sponsorship. Liaising with sponsors such as Taylor Guitars, Hofner Guitars and Music Village.